Analysis on the problems existing in the selection of steel structure fireproof coatings

- Aug 09, 2018 -

The main problems in the selection of steel structure fireproof coatings:

  1. The selection of the building often neglects the environment of the building and the requirements of the nature of use.

2. When the open-air steel structure is exposed to the sun and rain, or when the upper part of the top steel structure of the high-rise building is made of light-transmitting plate, the sun is exposed and the environmental conditions are harsh. The outdoor steel structure fireproof coating should be used. The fourth is to use paints whose technical performance only meets indoor requirements for outdoor use. Designers often simply indicate the use of steel structure fire protection coating protection measures, can not specify which type of steel structure fire retardant coatings are selected, in the construction, simply consider the price, aesthetics and other issues, resulting in improper selection of fire retardant coatings .

3. Ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coating has become a hot spot for research and production units of steel structure fireproof coatings in China. Ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coatings are generally solvent-based systems, compared with thick and thin-coated steel structure fireproof coatings. The ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coating has better decorativeness, thinner coating, and greatly reduced usage in engineering, thereby reducing the total project cost, and is a variety that is currently popularized in the market.

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