Criteria for determining heavy steel structures and light steel structures

- Jul 30, 2018 -
  1. Lifting weight of the plant: 25 tons or more, which can be considered as heavy steel structure.

2.the amount of steel per square meter: greater than or equal to 50KG / m2, can be considered a heavy steel structure.

3. the main component steel plate thickness: greater than or equal to 10MM, light steel structure used less.

In addition, there are some reference values: such as cost per square meter, maximum component weight, maximum span, structural form, height, etc. These can provide empirical data when judging whether the plant is heavy steel or light steel. Of course, many buildings are light. Heavy steel has it. But there are some that we can say with certainty that it is heavy steel: eg petrochemical plant facilities, power plant buildings, large-span stadiums, exhibition centers, high-rise or super high-rise steel structures.

In fact, there is no heavy steel in the national norms and technical documents. In order to distinguish the steel structure of light-duty houses, it may be more appropriate to refer to the general steel structure as 'Pugang'. Because of the wide range of ordinary steel structures, it can contain a variety of steel structures, regardless of the size of the load, and even the many contents of the lightweight steel structure. The light steel structure technical regulations only specify some more specific characteristics for its 'light' characteristics. Content, and the scope is limited to single-story portal frames.

Light steel is also a relatively vague term, and generally can have two understandings. One is the eleventh chapter of the current "Code for Design of Steel Structures" (GBJ 17-88) 'Light steel structure of round steel and small angle steel', which means round steel and less than L45*4 and L56*36*4 Light steel structure made of angle steel

It can be seen that the distinction between light steel and heavy steel is not the weight of the structure itself, but the weight of the enclosing material is still the same, and the structural design concept is consistent.

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