Do You Know How To Build Pre-engineering Building?

- Mar 20, 2018 -

First, the characteristics of steel Structure Building.

1, light weight steel structure


2, the reliability of the steel structure is higher


3, steel anti-vibration (shock), good impact resistance


4, a higher degree of industrialization of steel manufacturing


5, the steel structure can be accurately and quickly assembled


6, easy to make a sealed structure


Second, the steel commonly used steel grades and performance

1, carbon structural steel: Q345B, Q235, and so on


2, low-alloy high-strength structural steel


3, high-quality carbon structural steel and alloy steel


4, special purpose steel


Third, the principle of selection of steel materials

The principle of material selection of steel structure is to ensure the bearing capacity of the load-bearing structure and to prevent the occurrence of brittle failure under certain conditions. According to the structural importance, load characteristics, structural form, stress state, connection method, steel thickness and working environment and other factors of.


"Steel Design Code" GB50017-2003 proposed four types of steel is "should" use the model is the first choice when conditions permit, does not prohibit the use of other models, as long as the use of steel to meet the requirements of the specification.


Fouth, the goals and measures of steel structure. 

Steel structure involves a wide range of technical difficulties, in the promotion of the application must follow the national and industry standards. The administrative departments in charge of construction should pay attention to the construction of the specialized stage of steel structure engineering, organize the training of quality inspection teams, and summarize the work practices and the application of new technologies in a timely manner. Tertiary institutions, design departments and construction enterprises should speed up the training of steel structure engineering and technical personnel to popularize CAD of steel structure with mature technology. The mass academic groups should cooperate with the development of steel structure technology and carry out extensive academic exchange and training activities both at home and abroad. They should actively raise the overall level of design, fabrication and construction and installation technologies of steel structures and encourage them in the near future.


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