Do you know how to store the polyurethane panels?

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Nowdays, polyurethane panels are more widely used in steel structure buildings as roof and wall materials. Because they have good fire proof and heat insulation performance. We always provide customers polyurethane panels with high quality to achieve the best performance. Before erecting, you need to store panels in a right way, so that they can be protected well. Here are some tips to store the polyurethane panels.

1. Polyurethane panels should not be stored outside over 2 months, otherwise the quality and outlook will be affected.

2. Panels should be put in an angle to make the water flow through them. The plastic film at both ends of the panels should be removed to achieve ventilation, and the entire panels should be covered with a tarpaulin

3. The storage site should be flat, dry and clean, especially for rock wool sandwich panels.

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