How to assemble the colorbond steel sheet gutter?

- Apr 08, 2018 -

The colorbond steel sheet gutter is mainly used for exterior gutters and projects with small displacement, and is often used as an external gutter for the steel structure building.


Assemble Process


1. The gutter installation can be carried out after the installation of the roof panel of steel building or at the same time as the roof panel, depending on the site conditions.


2. The fixing of the color plate gutter is divided into two parts: one is to use self-tapping screw or rivet connects the inner side plate of the gutter and the roof plate. The other part is to use rivet connect the outer side plate of the gutter. Use a neutral seal to seal the overlap of plate and the plate.  It should pay attention to the lap surface cleanup, as the glue needs to stand for a break time, then the glue can be cured after the main move.


3. The gutter outlet hole can be directly used cutting machine, and the location according to design requirements. The sink and gutter bottom use rivets to fix according to the standard atlas related node requirements, and the joint sealant processing requirements with the gutter connection.


4. Before the gutter is installed, the construction quality of the main steel structure must be effectively guaranteed in order to be a good guarantee for gutter. 

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