How to deal with water-proof issue for steel building?

- Mar 26, 2018 -

As China's steel structure construction technology is still in the stage of exploration and development, there are different degrees of roof leakage phenomenon when it is actually used  based on investigations on the steel structure construction. That water-proof issue of roof has become a common problem of steel structure buildings.


In general, the seepage water of corrugated roofing sheet is mainly due to self-tapping screws, connection, ridge part, rivets, bended sheet and the repellent  of window’s anti-water glue etc. Corresponding leakage points can be mainly divided into the following points,


1. Roof screws and fasteners leaks

This phenomenon mainly occurs on the double-layer color steel plate and single-layer color steel plate on roof.  During the construction, tapping force is too heavy, too light, slant from the screws, slant diagonal, etc., all may make self-tapping rubber gasket deformation, loss or the formation of concave. In addition, self-tapping position is not correct lead to the formation of holes is also one of the important causes of water leakage.


2. Roof sheet connection parts leaks

Horizontal lap joints and vertical lap joints, where water leakage occurs in the overlapping area of the color steel plate. If the wave of the color steel plate is too low or the amount of rainwater is large, the water leakage is likely to form over a large area, and it is not easy to detect the leakage point once it is formed. This situation is more common in curved roof. The main reason is that the overlap between the two boards is not tight.


3. Ridge cap leaks

Leakage caused by ridge cap is also a common phenomenon in the construction of light steel buiding. In the rainy season, especially when the amount of rainfall is large, the splash of rainwater passes through the gaps between the two color steel plates at the bottom of the ridge tiles to form a large area of leakage.


Therefore, we have two solution to deal with above leakages


1.Make the whole roof water-proof paints.

2.Waterproofing arrangement of joints on roof screws and fasteners, color steel plate overlaps, and ridges

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