How to distinguish different types of trim and flashing?

- Apr 02, 2018 -

In the prefabricated steel building system, there are many different types of trim and flashing. They are quite important for the decoration and water-proof application.


Commonly, they generally divided into following types according to the location.

1. Roofing system (ridge, eave seal and gutter)


Location: The highest point of the roof, where the two roof panels overlap.

Application: To prevent the roof from leaking

Eave seal:

Location: The end of eave near the roof panel.

Role: 1. Hide the composite board core material;

2. Conducive to concentrated drainage



Gutter : used for rain drainage


2.  Wall system (vertical edging, corner decoration, U-shaped channel, flashing , lap seam)

Vertical edging: used for decoration and water-proof

Corner decoration: interior & exterior corner cover for decoration

U-shaped channel:

1. Ends cover of the small panel wall panel

2. Avoid corrosion where the composite board is in contact with the floor or the brick wall.

3. Fix wall panel for simple prefab house


Flashing: Location: brick wall and wall panel joints.

Application: Waterproof


Lap seam:

Location: Connection parts between two horizontal wall panel

Role: waterproof, decorative


3.  Door and Window system


4.  Others (ventilators, steel deck, special type sheet)

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