How to judge the good of steel structure engineering

- Aug 14, 2017 -

1. Can meet the principle of economic application, according to the characteristics of steel structure, under the conditions of guaranteeing absolute safety, vigorously exert the elastic potential of steel, reduce the amount of steel, economic and reasonable, not "jerry-building."

2. Can meet the requirements of seismic performance, good quality of the project, its toughness and bearing capacity must be super, should withstand a variety of professional testing, seismic capacity requirements to reach more than 7 degrees.

3. Fire safety issues are in place, fire prevention measures are very important, for fire-fighting channels, fire paint, etc. design is reasonable, safety is high and so on.

4. Whether it can meet energy-saving and environmental protection, steel structure materials are green environmental protection materials, is conducive to the environment, and energy-saving building is conducive to the government's various approvals.

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