How to strictly control the quality of the material in the activity room

- Aug 14, 2017 -

The active room of the entry materials must be checked, strictly prohibited jerry-building, shoddy material entry. Materials according to the specifications and product quality requirements acceptance, the standards are as follows:

1. Steel structure colored steel plate movable room vertical pole column uses the square steel size request 100㎜x100㎜, the thickness reaches 2.5 ㎜, the square steel size of the two-storey pole column requires 80㎜x80㎜, the thickness reaches 2.5 ㎜, the girder, the beam steel angle must size achieves 30㎜x30㎜, the thickness achieves 3 ㎜, the steel quality request uses the national standard Steel.

2. The quality of the incoming color plate should conform to the quality required by the warranty book.

3. The welding electrode for the erection of the movable room shall be T422, and its grade shall conform to the GB gb981-76 requirement.

3. The entry of the beam in the production, should be in accordance with the requirements of product specification operations, do not allow Jerry-building, according to the requirements of a good angle iron and square steel pole. This is an important part of the safety control of the movable room and must be strictly controlled.

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