Irregular plane of steel structure

- Aug 14, 2017 -

(1) After the construction plane is determined, the structural components should be arranged, so that the lateral force components should be distributed along the longitudinal and transverse two axes of the building as far as possible, so as to make the structure of the stiffness center coincide with the quality center and realize the regularity of the structural plane.

(2) If the requirements for construction use, anti-lateral force components can not achieve symmetrical arrangement, so that the structure plane-end angle of the layer asked lateral movement, the structural planes and the two sides of the plane at the angle of the average layer of the lateral displacement of 1.2 times times, it is the structural plane of the torsion type irregular.

(3) The effective width of the floor is less than 50% of the typical width of the structure plane because of the local recess of the building plane or the partial opening of the floor slab, or the fault layer of the floor is a discontinuous type irregular of the structural plane.

(4) Where the structure of the old irregular high-rise buildings, the seismic calculation and construction to take the corresponding supplementary measures.

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