Quality control of steel structure installation

- Aug 14, 2017 -

1. Before installation, the construction unit shall inspect the product certificate of the component, the design document and the pre assembled record, and the size of the record component, the deformation of the steel structure and the defect exceeding the allowable deviation should be treated. Before installation, the detailed measurement and correction process should be prepared, the welding of thick steel plate should be carried out before the welding installation to simulate the product structure of the process test, to compile the corresponding construction technology, the assembled roof truss should be preset to a certain degree of camber.

2. After the steel structure hoisting in place, should carry on the marking to the component locating axis, the standard higher design request control Point carries on the measure completes, carries on the welding inspection to the hoisting butt joint quality, installs the temporary support and the steel wave cable to make the steel roof truss in the construction process safe and stable.

3. When the steel structure is installed, the construction unit shall submit the elevation dimension, welding and painting of each member to the supervision and submit the inspection and acceptance respectively.

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