What are the material requirements for steel structures?

- Aug 03, 2018 -

The steel structure is a structure mainly composed of steel materials and is one of the main types of building structures. The structure is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components made of steel and steel plates, and the joints, bolts or rivets are usually connected between the components or components. Because of its light weight and simple construction, it is widely used in large factories, stadiums, super high-rises and other fields.


The steel is characterized by high strength, light weight, good overall rigidity and strong deformation ability. Therefore, it is especially suitable for building large-span and super-high and super-heavy buildings. The material is homogeneous and isotropic, and it is an ideal elastomer. It is in line with the basic assumptions of general engineering mechanics; the material has good plasticity and toughness, can have large deformation, can withstand dynamic load well; construction period is short; its industrialization degree is high, and it can carry out specialized production with high degree of mechanization. Steel structures should be studied for high-strength steels, which greatly increase the strength of the yield point; in addition, new types of steels, such as H-beams (also known as wide-flange steels) and T-shaped steels and profiled steel sheets, are required to accommodate large-span structures and The need for super high-rise buildings.


In addition, there is no thermal bridge light steel structure system, the building itself is not energy-saving, this technology solves the problem of cold and hot bridge of the building with clever special connecting pieces; the small truss structure makes the cable and the upper and lower water pipes pass through the wall, construction The decoration is convenient.

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