The special effect of the shed

- Aug 14, 2017 -

1. This common carport has good durability. It is a kind of high-strength membrane material built, with a long life.

2. Its shape can be built according to People's imagination, and it can be built as a good work of art,

3. The long-term exposure of the general vehicle to the sun will cause the vehicle to be exposed to sun exposure or corrosion damage, thus giving people a favorable economic value.

4. Even if the car in the sun exposure, will not cause the inside of the vehicle due to the exposure of the color of yellowing. Because the carport has a good light transmittance. There is no exposure to the ground or the amount of car inside. Even if people are standing in the shade, they don't worry about the skin damage caused by

5. If the fire is caused, the carport also gathers a good flame-retardant, after some authoritative testing, the carport has a grade B flame-retardant level.

6. The carport has a good impact resistance and does not want to break the glass as easily as it does, and will not be affected by the outside world.

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