The world's top ten steel structures

- Mar 05, 2018 -

      Steel structure combines the style and beauty of classical and modern architecture. Many large buildings around the world use a large amount of steel structure technology. What are the world famous steel structure? Please follow the footsteps of Lingshan enjoy the world's top ten steel structure style.


Eiffel Tower

300 meters high, 24 meters high antenna, total height of 324 meters, built in 1889, dsigned by renowned architect and structural engineer Gustav Eiffel. The steel structure of the tower, hollow, can effectively reduce the impact of the wind.It is a frame structure, with stability, but also on the small, light weight, very stable.

steel structure


Empire State Building

The 381-meter-high, 103-story, added 62 meter antenna at 1951 ears. The total height is 443m. It was designed by Shreeve, Lamb, and Harmon architectural firm as an Art Nouveau building, Completed in 1931, the construction process only 410 days, is the world record of rare construction speed.

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Golden Gate Bridge
The Bridge at California, more than 1900 meters long, it took 100,000 tons of steel at cost of 35,500,000 U.S. dollars and was designed by bridge engineer Joseph Strauss.
Golden Gate Bridge is one of the world famous steel bridge, but also a miracle of modern bridge engineering, with the reputation of the classic orange steel bridge.

steel structure

Tokyo tower
It completed in December 1958. Tower 333 meters high, covering 2118 square meters. September 27, 1998, Tokyo will build the world's tallest television tower.
It is reinforced concrete structure, with a solid, durable, fire performance, saving steel than pure steel and low cost advantages.

steel structure

Chicago Sears Tower
About 16,500 people work here every day. On the 103rd floor there is a watchtower for the tourists overlooking the city. It is 412 meters above the ground and can be seen in 4 U.S. states in fine weather

The building uses a steel frame structure composed of beam structure. The whole building is considered as a cantilevered beam tube structure. The farther away from the ground, the smaller the shear force.

steel structure

Petronas Twin Towers

It 452 meters high and has 88 floors above ground, designed by American architect Cesar Pelli
 Petronas Towers using reinforced concrete frame (core tube) boom structure, is based on the reinforced concrete structure of the mixed structure, the amount of steel 7500 tons. Adjacent to each main structure, an auxiliary circular frame structure is connected to the main body to increase the lateral resistance of the main structure.

steel structure

London Millennium Dome

Millennium Dome, an exhibition science center building on the River Thames in Greenwich Peninsula, covers an area of 300 acres and costs 80 million pounds (1.25 billion U.S. dollars). It is the United Kingdom in celebration of the 20th and 21st centuries Millennium One of the monuments built.

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United States World Trade Center
The World Trade Center consists of two towering skyscrapers, four seven-story office buildings and a 22-storey hotel, which were built in 1962-1976.
On Sept. 11, 2001, during the 9/11 attacks on the world, the two main World Trade Center buildings collapsed in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks and 2753 people followed. This is the worst terrorist attack ever.

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Sydney Opera House
Designed by Danish architect Joan Osun.
The Sydney Opera House uses a convertible reinforced concrete wall that supports the roof with a multi-storey structure that will allow it to load without spoiling the curvature of the original design.

steel structure building

Beijing Bird's Nest stadium

Design by Pritzker Prize winner Herzog, de Mellon and Chinese architect Li Xingang
The components of the structure support each other to form a network-like structure. The ups and downs of the appearance of the building ease the sense of volume of the building, and given the dramatic and shocking form. The main building is saddle oval space, is the world's largest span of single steel structure project. A Professional China steel structure manufacturer.

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