What is the high-rise and ultra-high steel structure installation process?

- Sep 17, 2018 -

1) Process flow chart for steel structure installation before high-rise steel structure installation and construction

2) Reasonably divide the construction flow section;

3) Determine the order in which the steel members are installed in sequence;

4) In the case that the lifting capacity of the crane is allowed, the structure that can be assembled on the ground can be assembled as much as possible in the ground group, such as steel columns and steel supports, steel truss sets, etc., which can be hoisted in one place;

5) The installation flow section can be divided according to the plane shape, structural form, construction period, on-site construction conditions and the number of installation machinery of the steel structure;

6) The order of component installation, the plane should be developed from the middle core area, that is, the standard room frame, and the vertical direction should be installed from bottom to top;

7) After the flow section, component installation, calibration, and fixing practices (including the reserved weld shrinkage) are determined, the general assembly is connected to a welding sequence: the plane should be symmetrically developed from the middle to the periphery, and the welding sequence is determined vertically according to the process flow.

8) After installing the beams of one column, install the stairs and profiled steel immediately. The stacking material cannot exceed the load of the beam and slab.

9) For the installation of steel components and the construction of steel concrete for the floor, the distance between the two operations should not exceed 5 layers; when it is necessary to exceed 5 layers, it should be checked by the supervisor.

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