Why build a steel architecture ?

- Mar 21, 2018 -

Steel is everywhere. Our cars, appliances that We are someone way connected every day. Steel is durable and the most recycled material on earth. The steel industry has invested in the latest technologies to make steel more innovative, lower in cost to you and stronger than ever. 


1.Strong and Lightweight – Significantly stronger than wood, needs no maintenance, easy to work with, and more economical.


2.Durable – Won’t crack, chip, warp or sag. Can be engineered to better withstand hurricanes and earthquakes.


3.Non-combustible – Fire resistant material.


4.Versatility – Can be custom formed and cut to create high end walls and large open spaces while maintaining its durability.


5.Better for the Environment – Saves trees, is not treated with pesticides or other chemicals and does not encourage mold to form.


6.Sustainable Building Material – meets criteria for “GREEN” building LEED requirements




Certified metal buildings are clear-span, I-beam-constructed and solid steel frames. They are typically sheeted with 22-26 gauge rib panels. We also offer many other gauges and styles of panels to choose from. One option is to leave the walls open so you can use other materials, like brick or stucco. Steel buildings can be custom designed in sizes ranging from 600 square feet to as large as 1 million square feet! Commercial Steel Buildings are the fasted and most cost effective.


Our company is a successful manufacturer and supplier in China, operating in the steel structure for many years, to provide you with quality service and competitive prices, we look forward to working with you to become long-term partners. 

We offer a free quotation service.


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