Are You Still Worried About The Installation For The Steel Structure Buildings ?

- Mar 28, 2018 -

The steel structure installation more faster and easier than the concrete construction.

We have detailed installation drawing for you, you can hire a construction team, to make the foundation first, then erect the steel column and beam, purlin, panels etc. all the items connected by high strength bolts, ordinary bolts etc.

And all the items has marked numbers so just install according to the detailed drawing,

Also there have some tools you need have: car crane, automatic cutting machine, electric drill, scaffold, meter, wrench, welding machine, safety belt&hamlet, screw driver etc.

Construction site security_副本.jpg

Our company is a successful manufacturer and supplier in China, operating in the steel structure for many years, to provide you with quality service and competitive prices, we look forward to working with you to become long-term partners. 

We offer a free quotation service.



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