Classification Of Steel Structure Rain Shed

- Aug 14, 2017 -

The first is small, such as when we are temporarily hanging out in the rain to cover the kind of rain, you can choose to use hanging up or overhanging occlusion.

The second kind is large, is to use a large area of the wall or pillars of the building to support, such as we often wait for the bus when you can see a block at the top of the bus site, can block the sun and rain, even in how bad weather can avoid the human body hurt.

The third is stereotyped, as we can often see, there is a prominent part above the entrance to the outer wall of the high-rise building, which is used to block the sun, rain, and the sudden fall of an unidentified object at the height of the building, it is a new style of architecture, the use of a new type of building materials, design is very advanced and novel, with a design patent, this kind of steel structure rain canopy can be based on the actual use and use of different areas to produce different shapes and sizes, Can be produced on a large scale in the factory.

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