Representative Of Green Building ------ Steel Structure

- Sep 12, 2018 -

The promotion of steel structure in the field of construction engineering is an important part of the development of circular economy in the construction industry, and it is the transformation and upgrading of the traditional civil construction industry. Steel structure construction conforms to the development direction of world energy conservation and emission reduction and circular economy, and is one of the structures that have the least impact on the urban environment.

Lingshan light steel structure is a new type of building structure system. It connects H-shaped, C-shaped, Z-shaped and U-shaped steel members into a main frame. It uses various plates as roofing and wall surface. Forming a complete building system with components, doors and windows, etc., with large span, high strength, light weight, low cost, environmental protection and energy saving, beautiful appearance, short construction period, good thermal insulation effect, long service life, high space utilization and good seismic performance. The layout is flexible and so on. Widely used in large factories, warehouses, workshops, bridges, stadiums and other buildings.

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