Installation FAQ Of Truss Steel Structure

- Aug 14, 2017 -

(1) The PIN anchor bolt is not tightened, and the point half is not welded with the floor. Methods: The welding bolts and nuts should be accepted, the point half is not welded with the floor, the fire retardant coating should be thickened and the heat treatment should be punished to prevent the fire from affecting the anchorage performance.

(2) The Frame column column foot floor degree is poor, the anchor bolt is not vertical, after the foundation construction, the degree deviation of the anchor bolt is large, post installation is not in a straight line, to the steel column placement brings the deviation, the layout will be affected, not meet the construction acceptance paradigm requirements, anchor bolt placement win confrontation is now the floor with the lower adjustment bolt leveling, in the use of no tightening mortar two times filling;

(3) The group or the layout is cheap, the elevation is wrong, the silk buckle is to accept the cover step, directly causes the steel column floor bolt hole to be wrong bit, causes the silk buckle length not to be sufficient. Methods: The Steel layout Construction unit works together with the Civil Construction unit to complete the embedded thing, before the concrete pouring, the relevant size and firm must be checked before pouring the concrete.

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