Notes On Construction Of Steel Structure Adding Layer

- Aug 14, 2017 -

1. In order to ensure the safety of the construction personnel, access to the steel structure of the construction site personnel need to wear a good safety helmet, in the Spider-Man, wearing a good safety helmet at the same time, but also need to wear a series of other related safety protection devices, including seat belts and so on, prohibit the early high-altitude throwing tools, should be all the tools put and tool bag at any time fixed good.

2. When the steel structure is added to each layer, can not be avoided will need to use the crane to carry out the operation, the construction personnel need to be in strict accordance with the normal operating flow arrangement, under the command of the professional staff to carry out the operation of the crane, before the official start, the need for its sling, ropes to carry out a comprehensive inspection, with the quality

On-Site organization Security Review team, anytime, anywhere on the site construction environment and progress to view, for the safety of the greater link is the need for strict checks, timely detection of hidden dangers and to deal with, to prevent all possible accidents.

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