People's Congress Proposed To Promote Prefabricated Steel Structures

- Mar 29, 2018 -

At the two sessions of the country, the topic of energy conservation and emission reduction attracted much attention. Many deputies put forward rational proposals in combination with their own industries. As a representative from the smelting steel industry, deputies of the National People's Congress, Zhang Xuezheng, secretary of the Party Committee of the Processing Party of the Jinan Laiwu Steel Structure Co., Ltd. of Laiwu Steel Group, and Zhang Xuezheng, Deputy Minister of Production Management, put forward “About deepening the implementation of the development of fabricated steel structures. Suggestions."


In recent years, the news that a building is building magically as building blocks in a few dozen days has often been reported in newspapers, and many of this are behind the merits of prefabricated construction methods. Representative Zhang Xuezheng said that prefabricated buildings are the architectural form advocated by the country. The emergence of prefabricated buildings represents a new round of scientific and technological revolution in the construction industry and the direction of industrial transformation. It is a major change in the construction methods and is also an important measure for advancing supply-side structural reforms and the development of a new type of urbanization, which is conducive to saving resources, energy, and upgrading. Labor productivity and quality and safety level.

                                     steel building

In prefabricated buildings, prefabricated steel structures have the advantages of high seismic resistance, high degree of industrialized production, short construction period, energy conservation, environmental protection, ease of transportation, and rapid construction. In particular, the ductility of steel structures can be reduced. Seismic wave, reliability and safety of connection of steel structure building nodes and components, and materials can be recycled 100%, truly outstanding advantages of pollution-free green.” He said that in some countries, steel structures have accounted for a total of 50 About %, especially in some earthquake-prone countries, the share of steel construction is higher, and the results show that the damage rate of prefabricated buildings in earthquakes is much lower than that of concrete structures. However, the proportion of steel construction in China is only about 5%.


For this reason, Zhang Xuezheng gave his own proposal. "We must strengthen our propaganda and promotion efforts to guide our users to understand prefabricated steel structures." He believes that people should first of all be a change in their concepts. In fact, the safety of prefabricated buildings is not worse than that of traditional buildings, and even many indicators are better than concrete buildings. He suggested the promotion of steel structures in government-invested public buildings related to people's livelihood, such as the relocation of hospitals, schools, and shantytowns. In this way, the advantages of earthquake-resilient and environmental protection of steel structures can be brought into play to ensure the safety of people's lives and property; the construction of scale and standardization can also be realized, the cost can be greatly reduced, the construction period can be shortened, and construction quality can be more easily ensured.

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