Performance Of Steel Structure Movable Room

- Aug 14, 2017 -

Durability: Light steel structure movable house structure all uses the cold bending thin-walled steel component system composition, the steel tube uses the super anticorrosion High-strength Cold rolled galvanized sheet manufacture, effectively avoids the plate in the construction and the use process corrosion influence, has increased the light steel component's service life.

Thermal insulation: Steel structure of the activity room used in the thermal insulation material to glass fiber cotton, with good insulation effect, for external wall insulation board, effectively avoid the wall of "cold bridge" phenomenon, to achieve a better thermal insulation effect.

Earthquake resistance: The roof of low-rise villas is mostly sloping roofing, so the roof structure basically adopts the triangular roof truss system made of cold-formed steel members, light steel components after sealing the structural plate and gypsum board, formed a very strong "plate RIB structure system", this structure system has a stronger seismic and resistance to horizontal load capacity, suitable for seismic intensity of 8 degrees above the region.

Anti-Wind: steel structure Activity room lightweight, high strength, the overall rigidity is good, the deformation ability is strong, the steel structure activity room weight is only brick mix structure one-fifth, can resist 70 meters per second hurricane, causes the Life property to obtain the effective protection.

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