How To Correctly Distinguish The Quality Of Color Steel Plate?

- Aug 06, 2018 -

The color steel plate refers to a color coated steel plate, and the color coated steel plate is a steel plate with an organic coating. Color steel plates are divided into single board, color steel composite board, floor board and so on. Widely used in large public buildings, public buildings, mobile panels, and integrated walls and roofs.

1: Observe the thickness of the substrate and the thickness of the film


The color steel plate is composed of a substrate and a colored peritoneum or plating. We must first consider the thickness of the substrate and the peritoneal coating. The better color steel plate substrate is 0.02~0.05mm, and the thickness of the coating or coating is often only 0.15mm or less. The thickness of the substrate is important because it affects the use time of the color steel plate. Some manufacturers of color steel plates often do the hands and feet on the substrate and color steel coating or coating. They reduce the thickness of the substrate, but increase the thickness of the peritoneum to reduce the production cost of the color steel plate, which greatly reduces the use of color steel plates. Life is up.


2: Observe the outer leakage edge of the color steel plate


When I get a piece of color steel plate, I first observe whether the exposed steel plate, such as the section, is crystallized and fine, whether it is gray, dark and impurities. If the cut surface is crystalline and fine, the quality is superior.


3: Listen to the sound


If you use a finger or a hard object to strike the color steel plate, if the material of the color steel plate is poor, the sound that is emitted is boring, the metal sound is not obvious, and the metal sound of the material with good quality is relatively loud and crisp.


4: Check the quality certificate of color steel plate


Is there a test standard for the relevant department? If possible, try to go to the manufacturer of the color steel plate for field visits. Look at the environment of the company, whether it is formal. Inquire about the reputation of this company in the market.


5: Look at the price


Anything is a penny. When we compare the quality of color steel plates, the price is one side, but don't pay too much attention to the price. If the price of a color steel plate is much lower than the others, then we have to pay attention.

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