The Construction Steel Structure Which Is Welcomed By The Market

- Aug 14, 2017 -

Compared to China's residential system, generally 70 years to transfer, and the construction of steel structure is not the same, light steel structure life is very long, generally can be hundreds of years, not only that, the building steel structure is more comprehensive than the ordinary residence in the earthquake-resistant, it belongs to the new building materials of energy-saving and environmental protection, at present, our country's construction steel structure has been basically in the mature stage, the main service crowd is the new rural reconstruction project and the city many, the high-rise It has also given great help to the Wenchuan earthquake and the Yushu earthquake, which provide a solid housing guarantee for the post-disaster reconstruction plan. Building steel structure with its unique advantages is gradually accepted by people, energy-saving, green, rich personalized architectural style is changing people's view of living.

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