The Gap And Future Trend Of China's Steel Structure Industry

- Aug 09, 2018 -

At present, China's steel industry steel industry accounts for only about 4% of the country's total steel, and there is a big gap with the developed countries' proportion of about 10%. Domestic steel can basically meet the needs of steel structure processing, but there are still gaps in specific specifications and performance compared with foreign countries, such as high-strength and large-size super-thick H-shaped steel, high-strength super-thick plates. At present, Japan uses the strength Q690 grade steel in construction and bridges, and has already adopted Q960 mechanical steel.

In the coming period, domestic steel varieties, quality and specifications should not only meet the needs of domestic and international steel structure development, but also lead the international high-performance steel application development in related fields; the steel structure products, accessories and supporting technology products have reached the international advanced level. Focus on large-scale and wide-ranging steel structure residential buildings, steel structure bridges and non-standard, complete sets of equipment manufacturing (including new energy wind power, nuclear power, smart grid, three-in-one, marine engineering steel structure network, etc.) The potential market and the development of independent innovation technology, promote the overall improvement of the quality of steel structure housing construction, improve the building life and actual life expectancy, promote the improvement of related supporting products and components, and gradually make the steel structure industry become China's strategic Emerging industries have initially achieved the goal of strengthening steel and steel structure.

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