The State Council Has Reduced Its Steel Production Capacity By More Than 50 Million Tons In 2017

- Mar 20, 2018 -


The two sessions of the National People's Congress were held shortly after the State Council announced the implementation list of quantitative indicators for the "Report on the Work of the Government" for 2017 on the first day. The tasks of 36 indicators were successfully completed.

The report set a target of an increase of about 6.5% of GDP. The actual "report card" shows that last year's GDP exceeded 80 trillion yuan for the first time, reaching 82.7122 trillion yuan, up 6.9% over the same period of previous year, in line with the annual target.

Tax reduction and tax reduction, the report proposes that in 2017 to reduce the corporate tax burden of about 350 billion yuan, reducing the fees charged by enterprises about 200 billion yuan. In fact, the new tax cut of more than 380 billion yuan last year was expected to reduce the burden of various types of market players by 643.4 billion yuan, exceeding expectations.

To capacity, the report clear that in 2017 to reduce the iron and steel production capacity of about 50 million tons, to withdraw more than 150 million tons of coal production capacity, phase out, stop construction, to ease the coal power capacity of 50 million kilowatts or more. The implementation results show that over 50 million tons of steel was reduced in the country last year, and the accumulated excess coal production capacity of 250 million tons was eliminated. Phase-out, stop construction and slow construction of 65 million kilowatts of coal-fired power generation capacity exceeded the target and tasks.

Livelihood, the report clear that in 2017 to complete the shantytowns housing reconstruction 6 million units to reduce the rural poor population of more than 10 million, the new reconstruction of rural roads 200,000 km. In the end, last year, 6.09 million units were renovated in shantytowns in the country, reducing the number of poor people in rural areas by 12.89 million and renovating a total of 285,000 km of rural roads.

In eco-environmental protection, the report clearly states that sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions will have to be reduced by 3% in 2017 respectively, and more than 12 million mu will be returned to farmland. The implementation results show that last year the national sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions decreased by 8.0% and 4.9% respectively, completing 12.3 million mu of returning farmland to forestry and grassland.

The 36 targets include the special fund for poverty alleviation by the central government which increased by more than 30% and the general expenditure by not less than 5%, all of which were successfully completed

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